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Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress – 11 Tips

Today, we shall be focusing on 11 must have blogging tools for WordPress

1. VaultPress: Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress

Jetpack (Formerly VaultPress) may be a complete backup solution from WordPress, which works with the assistance of a plugin, which takes constant backup of your WordPress and also within the time of need, you’ll restore database or files from VaultPress backup. This is one of the Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress

2. Securi: – Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress

Any website can get hacked or attacked by malware or denial of service attacks. Sucuri may be a website monitoring and Security Service. It provides real time alerts for any suspicious activity on your website. It not only prevents your website from malware but also can detect and take away them. Take a glance at how Sucuri helped us block 450,000 WordPress attacks in 3 Months.

3. Buzzsumo:

Type in any keyword like ‘WordPress’ and BuzzSumo will generate an inventory of content around that topic which is already successful. It’s an excellent thanks to understand what your audience is curious about so you’ll create related content or something that’s even better. The tool is additionally perfect for competitor analysis. This is one of the Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress/ Type in any url and you it’ll list the content from that website which performs best.

4. Quora: Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress

A platform where people can ask questions on variety of topics and obtain the answers from strangers who are Professionals in that field. If you input your keyword or subscribe topics relevant to your niche, you’ll find masses of questions that you simply know are relevant to your audience.

5. Feedly:

I found Feedly after Google canned their RSS reader. It does what you’d expect from an RSS aggregator: subscribe the feed of any website (you can search from inside the program) and group them by topic (e.g. content marketing, SEO, WordPress, etc.). The cool thing is that Feedly gives you a sign of how popular each article is. Left of the title it’ll display a score indicating its popularity. To be honest, I don’t really skills this score is compiled but what I do know is that it appears to accurately show the sort of content that goes well which doesn’t. Enough to get some new ideas on what to write down about next.

6. PhotoPin: Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress

its subhead is “free photos for bloggers & creatives” and it delivers as promised. The service allows you to search images with an ingenious commons license on Flickr and download them in several sizes complete with copy-and-paste attribution link. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

7. Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin:

is that the complete website optimization solution for WordPress. it’s full of features and eliminates the necessity of putting in several other plugins. it’s also very easy to put in and setup Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.

Must Have Blogging Tools for WordPress - Rollascriptings

8. Twitter Trending:

The trending topics section on your Twitter homepage are often an excellent spot for grabbing ideas from the newest news. you’ll tailor your trending topics to travel uber-local (the big cities near and around you) or maybe receive fully tailored tweets that take under consideration your location and people you follow. (Click the “Change” link at the highest of the Trends section on your Twitter homepage.)

9. After the Deadline:

After the Deadline may be a service that checks your writing for spelling, style and grammar mistakes with intelligent technology. it’s available for WordPress either through Jetpack or the TinyMCE plugin. AtD also comes within the sort of browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome.

10. Buffer:

Buffer is one among my favorite tools and that i use it for all of my social media presences. you’ll schedule updates to your channels days ahead and therefore the app will automatically share them consistent with your settings. A handy browser addon lets you add content to your list quickly and simply whenever you stumble across something worth sharing. Reliable and effective.

11: Evernote:

For super-fast idea collecting, you’ll drop everything into Evernote—notes, snippets, photos, webpages, and more. The tagging system in Evernote is incredibly robust, so you’ll keep your ideas with an easy tag during a number of cool ways—by topic, by idea stage, and more.

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