About Us

Rollascriptings is a full-service IT Solutions Company established in 2010, by a team of highly skilled professionals and a set of operational competencies. This formed the foundation of a growing establishment, with the aim of helping businesses use technology in increasing productivity and cutting cost.

Now more than ever, it’s important for your company to have an IT solutions partner, who can help you accomplish or achieve more of your IT goals. Whether your company needs fast access to essential technologies, or the support of technical experts, we provide strategic planning and deployment of solutions.

Our Approach…

At Rollascriptings, we offer services for optimization and automation of business processes.

Automation of business processes of the organization enables us in finding solutions to the following problems:

  • Reduce labor costs of routine activities;
  • Increase speed and quality of information processing;
  • Increase business transparency;
  • Developing tools for mutual agreement in business processes;
  • Developing tools for business process control;
  • This greatly increases productivity of the organization. Prior to automation of your processes, our specialist would visit your organization, making a holistic analysis of existing processes and suggest ways to optimize them

Our diverse services include the following:

-Web Designing and Coding

– Graphics Design/Visual Communication

– IT Professional Training

– Consulting

– Information Security

– Digital Marketing

– Data Recovery

– Computer/Data Networking


We render services on web development. We do not develop cheap and template-oriented sites.

Our main activities which involves the design and development of customized software.

Our design and development processes undergo full design cycle from business analysis and Technical specifications to complex technical support, including training of clients. Our main services in web development include:

– Internet shops and sites based on solution for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow and knowledge management

– Development of corporate websites;

– Development of landing pages (landing page – A / B-split tests, set-up of advertising firms on Google, content advertising, product advertising)

– Adaptive layout (correct display on all types of devices on all screen sizes) i.e. design of automated and development of automated and information systems (complex and technical solutions)

– Extensive experience using the latest technologies, which helps in the realization of qualitatively unique and complex projects


We are visual communicators. We are given a brief which states a problem to solve; or a specific outcome that needs to be achieved, and we collect information and analyse it to figure out the best solution.

In Visual Communication, we do visualize only in the best way in order to produce best results.

–           We create visuals for product branding, advertising campaigns

–           We coordinate between production artists and illustrators to make sure projects are completed in time

–           We focus on improving efficiency and lowering costs

–           We develop brand identities for our clients. We create the visual expression of an organization’s key message or value

–           We create images and designs through 3D modelling photography and image editing

–           We create infographics. This can be both for print or digital application

–           We create visual designs and electronic medias which can be used on TVs and on the Internet


We are certified IT Professionals that understand best how the courses and certifications are outlined i.e. from simple to complex. We train using the learn-to-do-by-doing method which makes it easier for clients to learn.

Our experts are skilled in a lot of areas. Part of it are:

–           CISCO Certifications

–           Microsoft Certifications

–           CompTIA certifications

Other skilled areas include:

–           Bash

–           PHP

–           Python

–           Java

–           Ruby on Rails

to mention a few.